Who we are

Dr Robin Mitchell
CEO & Co-founder

Robin is an international biodiversity management expert and restoration ecologist with over 25 years’ experience.

Supporting global leaders across all sectors in environmental governance and impact investment, he has led development of cutting-edge policy and projects to meet climate and nature targets. Robin specialises in advising corporates, governments and the finance sector on nature-climate strategy and reporting; he enjoys learning to be effective in different cultural and organizational settings and solving ‘wicked’ problems.

Dr Katherine Dixon

Katherine combines skills in governance, ecology and social science to deliver the best possible outcomes for business, nature and communities.

A natural collaborator, Katherine has worked in the sustainability sector for over 20 years building links between industry, international NGOs, academia and government. Katherine is recognised for her high integrity when using her extensive communication and facilitation experience to unify diverse groups around a common purpose.

Dr. Joe Altobelli
Ecological Consultant

Joe is an experienced conservation biologist specialised in applying research-based ecological methods to aid public stakeholders and private partners to reach their conservation goals.

His career has spanned North America, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. He is motivated by the challenge of communicating complex environmental concepts efficiently to produce meaningful collaborative change.

Katya Barrantes
Senior Associate

Katya has 16 years of experience working with in a wide variety of projects, both in the public and private sectors, advising on environmental and social issues.

For 3 years Katya was a consultant in the Environmental and Social Solutions Unit (ESG) at the Inter-American Development Bank, where she oversaw more than 20 operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Because of her passion for Biodiversity, Katya was designated as the Champion of Performance Standard 6 ESG BID, where she was also in charge of supervising and leading the construction and implementation of Biodiversity Action Plans in Costa Rica.

Vineet Katariya
Senior Spatial Analysis Consultant

Vineet is a Geographic Information and Earth Observation Specialist with over 20 years experience supporting international lenders, corporates and NGOs, with large-scale geospatial data analysis and modelling solutions for biodiversity, natural resources and carbon estimation, footprinting and targets.

Vineet is inspired by the power of maps to tell compelling stories that inform and effect change at the grassroots or global levels.

Kate Ladley
Anna Mclean